Hi! I’m Jessica.

I’m an almost-graduate of the Bachelor of Communications Studies, living in Vancouver, with a passion for food and food photography. I grew up as a picky eater – as I think many kids are – and it wasn’t until I took a trip to Europe after graduating high school that I began to see food differently. It was no longer “ew, that looks gross” and became “wow I wonder what that tastes like.” Food became an exploratory adventure, where I could taste and touch different cultures. Since then, I’ve been trying and cooking dishes from all over the world and connecting with ones I love through food and drinks.

This blog is born out of a love of food, drinks, hosting, and a desire to share what I’ve learned in the kitchen as a young woman coming into her own. I started out not knowing how to cook a chicken breast, or not knowing what else to put on pasta besides a store-bought sauce and some cheese (although cheese is still required). Today, I’m comfortable in the kitchen, but I learn something new every day and continue to develop my skills.

I believe the best way to bring people together is around a table of delicious food and drinks. This is my way of sharing and teaching those what I have learned. A Dirty Dish covers the basics, like how to build your pantry, necessary kitchen equipment, spices to have on-hand, and dishes ranging from easy breakfasts to impressive dinners, scrumptious vegan dishes, braised meats, cocktails, and everything in between.

Thanks for joining the journey.